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When You Must Obtain a Super Visa in Canada


In Canada and other regions across the globe, every type of visa has requirements – some documents are mandatory for a visa application to be processed. So, if you are applying for a super visa in Canada, you must obtain super visa insurance. Without it, super visa applications won’t be processed. So, what is a super visa? And why is it compulsory to obtain insurance for it?

Super Visa

A super visa is a special type of visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. With a two-year validity, holders can travel into and out of Canada multiple times (up to ten years) or use the entire two years at once. Once granted, no renewal is necessary until it expires. It’s strictly a family visa designed for parents and grandparents. Other family members will need to apply for another type of Visa, should they want to visit family members who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Is Super Visa the Same as Visitor Visa?

A super visa is different from a visitor Visa. While anyone can apply for a visitor visa, the super visa is mainly for parents and grandparents. Additionally, the validity of both differs too; a visitor visa lasts only for six months, while a super visa lasts for two years. However, you can apply to extend the duration of both visas.

The Requirements and the Need for Super Visa Insurance

The Canadian immigration website contains a list of criteria for super application and approval. One is a signed letter from the child inviting the parents, proof of sufficient financial worth & promise of support, and medical insurance obtained from a Canadian broker. Super visa insurance is our focus. So, what is super visa insurance?

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What is Super Visa Insurance?

Super visa insurance is medical insurance that gives visitors access to healthcare while in Canada. Visitors can access prompt medical care without needing to pay out of their pockets. Insurance will automatically cover the costs of medical services. 

Super visa insurance must be worth $100 000 and valid for at least a year. Visitors can opt for higher-worth insurance depending on their need as $100 000 is just the least acceptable worth. For example, Insurance Direct Canada is one of the brokers that can offer super visa insurance worth up to $1 million.

The insurance aims to protect visitors against the excessive cost of healthcare services because medical fees can quickly accumulate from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The super visa insurance covers the cost of medical services like:

  • Doctor fees
  • Emergency care
  • Drugs
  • Dental care
  • Treatment of pre-existing medical conditions (based on agreement with the broker).

Note: When completing a quote, always state every form of illness you have. Include a medical report that shows the intensity or level of the illness. Doing this helps the broker determine the appropriate worth of your insurance. Sometimes, some brokers may exclude certain medical cases from the coverage. And you’ll be prepared against any surprises. 

How To Obtain Super Visa Insurance?

A super visa must be obtained from a Canadian insurer. Visitors are to reach out to an insurance broker in Canada to obtain a super visa insurance package. And this must be done before coming to Canada. You’ll have to get the coverage and submit it alongside other requested documents. So, contact a trusted and reputable insurance broker in Canada to start the process. Usually, these brokers offer other coverages. Among the trusted ones, that’s Insurance Direct Canada, which offers several types of life insurance policies and mortgage insurance alongside super visa insurance. If you are a child or grandchild residing in Canada, you can apply for super visa insurance on behalf of your visitor and also get other types of coverage you may need at Insurance Direct Canada.

The Cost of super Insurance

The cost of super insurance differs from one broker to another. It may cost a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. It depends on the worth of the policy. A policy worth $100,000 will be less than a $500,000 or 1million dollar policy. Since each applicant knows their health condition the best, the advice is to buy an insurance plan that will keep you fully covered throughout your stay. As you do this, keep in mind that you don’t have the only say about the cost. The insurer will also evaluate your age, medical history, length of coverage, and a couple of other things. All these will influence the cost of the policy.

When Does the Super Visa Insurance Start to Work?

The insurance becomes active when you arrive in Canada. It’s best to inform your broker if your arrival is delayed. It helps avoid a situation where the policy is active, but the visitor isn’t using it. And once you’re sure of the arrival date again, do well to inform your broker.

If you are denied a super visa, the insurer will refund 100%. In some cases, a visitor may leave earlier than planned. In such a case, if the coverage hasn’t been used, the insurance company will work a kind of refund plan based on the agreement.

Super Visa Insurance Outside Canada

Super visa is primarily applicable in Canada. However, it can also function outside Canada except for the visitors’ home country. It may also not be usable outside the country, although each insurance company will define the extent of its usage.

Final Thoughts

Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who intend to visit Canada must note that super visa insurance is not optional — it must be obtained and submitted for a super visa application to be processed.

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