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The Essentials of Canadian Super Visa Insurance


Super Visa Program: What is it?

The Super Visa program, also known as the parent and grandparent visa, was launched in 2011. It is a program that allows relatives of citizens and permanent residents of Canada to visit for extended periods. Similarly, with the Super Visa, parents and grandparents can stay beyond the standard six months per trip. The visa typically grants entry for up to 2 years, with the option to apply for extensions of one year at a time. Interestingly, it is valid for 10 years, so your relatives can visit as many times as they want within that period, as long as each trip is less than two years. This is why the Super Visa is also called the multi-entry visa.

What is Super Visa Insurance?

Super Visa insurance is a form of travel insurance coverage designed to provide protection to holders of a Super Visa to Canada. It covers emergency medical bills and others as listed below:

  • Emergency dental services
  • Diagnostic services such as radio-imaging modalities
  • Medical evacuation services in case of a need for an emergency return to your home country
  • Hospitalization and drug prescription bills
  • Repatriation 

Some Super Visa insurance providers may also provide travel assistance and special services peculiar to prevailing circumstances.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Super Visa Insurance policy?

Since it is tied to the Super Visa, the requirements for obtaining a Super Visa insurance mostly include those for the Super Visa itself. In order to obtain a valid Super Visa insurance policy, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must purchase medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company
  • It must cover the cost of your medical care
  • It must be active each time you enter Canada
  • It must be active for a minimum of 1 year from your date of arrival
  • You must have a valid proof of purchase

In addition to these criteria, you must meet the requirements for a Super Visa, which include the following:

  • A letter of invitation from your sponsor – your child or grandchild. This invitation letter must contain the following:
    • Your full name, date of birth, telephone number, and contact address, as well as that of your sponsor
    • A statement of your relationship with your sponsor
    • A declaration of the purpose and duration of your visit
    • A declaration of the size of your sponsor’s household, as well as the names of all members
    • A signed declaration of financial support for you, by your sponsor, throughout your stay in the country
    • A copy of the document verifying your sponsor’s citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Your sponsor must meet a minimum income threshold. This is to ensure that visitors will not constitute a burden on the financial well-being of the host household. Documents that can be used as proof of competence include:
    • Bank statement
    • Evidence of monthly income
    • T4/T1 for the previous tax year
    • Employment insurance documents
    • Letter of employment showing date of hire and salary
    • Notice of Assessments for the previous tax year
  • You must possess a valid travel passport
  • You must undergo an immigration medical examination, which may be done before or after application
  • You must have a valid Police clearance obtained from your current country of residence

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The Essentials of Canadian Super Visa Insurance 2

What are the Costs of Procuring Super Visa Insurance?

Generally, the cost of getting Super Visa insurance depends mainly on your age, medical status, and destination. Other factors such as the duration of your visit and the kind of deductible you desire are also important players.

Obtaining a Super Visa usually costs between $130 to $150 per month on average, with a roughly $1,000 deductible. You should also consider additional costs required for application for a Super Visa in itself when applying.

How to Procure a Super Visa Insurance policy

If you qualify for the Super Visa program, you must obtain medical insurance from insurance companies in Canada. It is usually wise to go through insurance brokers, as they offer you convenience, saving you time and money. An insurance broker acts as a middleman who sells or negotiates an insurance policy on behalf of an insurance company.

Why should you buy your Super Visa Insurance via brokers?

There are many professional insurance broking services available, one of which we would always recommend is Insurance Direct Canada. They help you find the best medical insurance suitable for your trip and visa needs. Here are the reasons you should let a broker do the insurance shopping for you:

  • Variety of options: Insurance broking sites and companies present you with rates and reviews of different insurance companies. This allows you to see at a glance and compare several providers at once. At Insurance Direct Canada, they help facilitate your search for the best insurance policy for you. Our wealth of experience and network of countless insurance companies makes this possible. 
  • Convenience: It’s no news that online brokers do the heavy lifting when it comes to running applications and negotiating rates. Aside from helping you make an informed choice of the best policy for you, insurance brokers save you time, money, and energy. With seasoned travel and financial consultants at your service, Insurance Direct Canada helps you seamlessly match your application with the most suitable insurance providers.
  • Customized service: When you run your insurance application through brokers, they provide you with personalized services. All attention rests on you, with our experts being available to guide you through the application process safely.
  • Expert guidance and advice: Our experts are always there to help you find the right policy to guide you when filing a claim. With years of experience under their belt, they have a firmer grasp of the jargon of the insurance industry. You can rest assured that you will always have the best information at your disposal for informed decision-making.

The Next Step

Since its launch, the Super Visa program has helped several Canadian families enjoy the benefits of reuniting with their loved ones. Medical insurance is a non-negotiable aspect of obtaining a Super Visa, whether your health is intact or not. You could apply for the insurance independently or get help from us, by requesting a call back from our agents.

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