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The Importance of Snowbird Travel Insurance During Winter Season


The cold breeze of winter is gently reminding Canadians to head to warmer places. Because of this, the rate of snowbird travel insurance starts to climb up.

There is still some time away from the snowbird season, but this did not stop the Canadian snowbirds to start preparing for their trips. Some have booked their tickets to the beautiful vacation spots in warmer locations. While the others start calling Snowbird Travel Insurance providers in their area.

What is Snowbird Travel Insurance and Why You Need It?

Snowbird travel insurance helps every Canadian to be at ease while they travel locally or internationally. It covers issues that may cause financial shocks while traveling. This includes luggage issues, flight concerns, and most importantly medical assistance.

The main advantage of getting a Snowbird Travel Insurance Policy is that it provides hospital and medical assistance while they are away. Though the policy differs from one policy to another, most Snowbird Travel Insurance providers offer a reasonable coverage cap that can reach up to $10,000,000.

Canadian Snowbirds can choose an insurance plan that fits their needs. These plans may be set daily or annually.

Here’s an overview of what your plan looks like.

CoverageSnowbird Travel Insurance
International CoverageYes
Unlimited TripsAvailable in Multi-Trip Insurance Only
Covid-19 InsuranceOptional 
Medical Expenses50,000 to 1,000,000
Pre-Existing Condition Coverage5,000 per period
Trip Interruption5,000
Return of Minor50,000
High-Risk SportsOptional ($15,000-$50,000)
Trip Length45 days maximum
Baggage Check (delay, loss, etc.)$250 maximum

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The Importance of Snowbird Travel Insurance During Winter Season 2

The data above only shows the most common benefits that a Canadian snowbird will enjoy from getting the Snowbird Travel Insurance.

What are the types of Canadian Snowbird Travel Insurance?

Here’s a list of the most in-demand Snowbird Travel insurance in Canada.

  • Single Trip. This is the starter pack of Snowbird Travel Insurance. This insurance plan is one of the most cost-effective plans that you can get. It covers the basic things that you need from your departure to your return.
  • Annual or Multi-trip insurance. If you travel a lot and want to be protected the whole year-round, then this plan is for you. This plan is a little bit expensive compared to Single Trip, but this type of plan usually offers global coverage.

Note: Multi-trip insurance is different from multi-single trip insurance. Multi-trip refers to multiple trips in a year. While Multi-single trip is single trip insurance purchased multiple times.

  • Trip cancellation insurance. This policy is best for people who have existing medical and life insurance and would like to avail themselves of one-time travel insurance.

This plan usually covers trip cancellations, delays, missed connection flights, baggage loss, and tours and accommodation issues.

  • All-inclusive travel insurance. This is the best policy that you can get as a Canadian Snowbird. This policy covers the medical, life, trip, and sometimes theft of property insurances. Some all-inclusive travel insurance also covers high-risk sports, Covid-19, and other potential issues that may arise from your travel.

The catch is, this travel insurance is the most expensive plan on the list.

Who needs Snowbird Travel Insurance?

Anyone who travels away from their home for a certain period of time is advised to get Snowbird Travel Insurance. Though you will be staying in a warmer location for months, you are still considered a tourist. Unfortunately, tourists are not fully covered by the place’s health laws and benefits. Thus, it will cost you more to get sick in a foreign land.

When to get Snowbird Travel Insurance?

Before you purchase a Snowbird Travel Insurance plan, you must read the brochure’s fine print. Read and familiarize yourself with the inclusions and exclusions listed in the company’s brochure. Otherwise, you might end up calling customer service support for some explanations due to hidden charges, miscommunication, and misrepresentation.

You need to consider the length of your trip, too. Are you traveling for more than 30 days? 

Most of the Snowbird Travel Insurance is drafted for a shorter travel period. If you need travel insurance that will cover more than 30 days, you may either avail yourself of the annual plan or a multi-trip travel plan. If this will not work for you, you may ask your insurance provider if they offer an extended travel plan.

You must also consider your insurance coverage at the second home. If you are covered with excellent insurance at the second home, you might not need Snowbird Travel Insurance.

How to find the best Snowbird Travel Insurance Policy

There are several criteria that you need to check when choosing the best insurance provider and policy. The top three things that every Canadian Snowbird consider are as follows:

  • Price – The price of the policy matters. Most of the Snowbirds prefer an affordable plan that offers a wide-range travel insurance coverage.
  • Policy coverage – The main reason Snowbirds purchase travel insurance is to cover the travel cost and medical expenses that may occur outside the Canadian borders. Thus, it is essential to know if the insurance company offers the things that you need at a very affordable price.
  • Duration – Some insurance policies are perfectly structured not to the client’s needs but the company’s wants. They may offer the things that you need but in a shorter period. This will lead you to check a trip extension insurance that allows you to extend your policy.
  • Cancellation and refunds – Always check your travel insurance provider’s cancellation and refund policy. Find a Snowbird Travel Insurance provider that allows you to cancel and issue refunds if you need to cancel your trip. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still avail myself of Snowbird Travel Insurance after I leave Canada?

Several travel insurance agencies in Canada will allow you to purchase the policy after your departure. However, it will still be best to plan and purchase the plan before you leave Canada.

Is it necessary to buy Snowbird Travel Insurance while traveling locally in Canada?

Although public health laws cover Canadians, it is still advisable to get Snowbird travel insurance while traveling inside Canada. Keep in mind that public health is offered mainly at the provincial level. You will more likely be shredding cash in case of medical emergencies.

Do Snowbird Travel Insurance covers layovers?

Yes. Layovers are considered as part of a single trip. A single trip is best described as your departure and your return flight. Thus, interconnecting flights and layovers are considered as part of your Single Trip Travel Insurance plan.

You can explore more about Insurance companies in Canada to buy a Snowbird Travel Insurance from: ivari, Manulife, Sun Life, Desjardins, …

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