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No Medical Exam Life Insurance in Canada


Many insurance companies require medical underwriting to comprehend the level of risk they are undertaking. But many Canadians do not want to commit to a medical exam. Hence, they opt for ones that do not require underwriting.

What is No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

It is so-called because you do not need medical underwriting to secure one. However, some might need you to answer a questionnaire. It is typically more expensive and offers less coverage since the risk is higher. The premium will be higher as well.

Types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance in Canada

If you are considering getting no medical exam life insurance in Canada, there are three basic types you can choose from

  • Accelerated Issue Life Insurance
  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Accelerated Issue Life Insurance

Securing a fully underwritten insurance policy typically takes about six weeks. Many individuals do not subscribe to this long waiting period and wouldn’t want to pay extra to get quicker approvals if they are in good health. This is where Accelerated Issue Life Insurance comes in handy.  

Designed for healthy individuals, it guarantees rapid approval. However, you will be required to answer a medical questionnaire. Information from this questionnaire is used to evaluate insurance risk and set premium and death benefits.


  • Ease of application and quick approvals.
  • It is priced similarly to standard life insurance policies.
  • Compared to simplified and guaranteed life insurance, it offers higher death benefits.


  • It is not a great option for people who are not in their best health – such individuals need medical underwriting.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

It is aimed at customers who need instant coverage and are unwilling to submit to medical examination as they get approval with minimal health questions [a short health questionnaire is answered]. Premiums may be costlier than for a standard term life insurance policy.

Death benefits could range from $5,000 to over $100,000. 


  • No medical exam.
  • Instant coverage.
  • Quick application and processing.


  • Approval isn’t guaranteed.
  • The amount of coverage is limited.
  • Life insurance policies are significantly more expensive than traditional life insurance policies.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

It is guaranteed because regardless of your health history, you’ll be sure of securing one regardless of your health history. You don’t have to take a medical exam, and you can choose whether or not to answer medical questions. Guaranteed issue life insurance does not pay death benefits during the policy’s first two or three years. If the insured dies during this time, the policy’s premiums plus 10 percent interest are refunded. Death benefits range from $2,000 to $25,000. This policy, however, has higher premiums than other types of life insurance due to the poor health of their clients.


  • Easy to apply.
  • No medical exam.
  • No health questionnaire to answer.


  • If you die within two or three years after purchasing the policy, your beneficiaries will not receive the full benefit, except for accidental death.
  • Amount paid as the death benefit is limited.
  • The rate is outrageous for the amount of coverage you receive.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance in Canada - Best Insurance Online
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Comparing the 3 Types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

Accelerated Issue Life InsuranceSimplified Issue Life InsuranceGuaranteed Issue Life Insurance
Most SuitedFor people in good health and do not have the luxury of waiting.For people:
Seeking to get quick approval.
Who do not wish to commit to a medical examination.
Not in good health.
For persons:
Seeking death benefits.
With serious health issues.
Not qualified for the traditional policy types.
Medical ExamSometimes requiredNot requiredNot required
Maximum Death Benefit$1 million$50,000$25,000
Approval time1-3 days of workInstant Instant
Health QuestionnaireUsually LengthyLimitedNone

Canada’s Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies

Canada Protection Plan (CPP)

Canada Protection Plan is Canada’s leading provider of no medical exam life insurance. They feature a selection of no medical and simplified issue life insurance products with both term and whole life policy options. 


  • Everyone is eligible, whether in good health or not.
  • Ease of application, as an online application procedure is all that’s required to get started
  • Temporary residents are also eligible.
  • Quick approvals.


  • Whole life insurance cash values are inferior to other insurance companies and do not include a dividend option.
  • Plans can be costly for those in good health.
  • Maximum coverage is $1 million.

Sun Life

Sun Life’s Go Guaranteed Life Insurance is a no medical exam life insurance policy. However, it is far more expensive than adequately underwritten coverage. 


  • Ease of application
  • Quick online application process
  • Instant coverage
  • Premiums guaranteed
  • No medical questions or health exam


  • Only up to $25,000 in coverage is available, which is inadequate to ensure long-term financial security to your loved ones.
  • Only clients aged 30 or above are eligible.


We have highlighted the various forms of no medical exam life insurance in Canada with their pros and cons. However, the best option for you depends on your needs, how much coverage you need or desire, what is accessible to you, without forgetting your budget. 

Securing a fair no-medical life insurance policy might prove daunting for persons with no knowledge of the insurance industry. Working with a life insurance specialist spares you the stress and helps you find the best solution to fit your needs.

For further inquiries regarding No Medical Exam Life Insurance in Canada, please refer to one of the most trusted insurance brokers in Canada – Insurance Direct Canada. Also, you can check out our other available reviews: ivari review, Foresters Financial review, iA Financial Group review, Canada Life review, and more.

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