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Canada’s Health Insurance Comparison: Manulife vs. Sun Life


Sun Life and Manulife are top insurance companies in Canada that offer a wide range of life and health coverage plans. This review will focus on the health insurance plan of these companies. Each will be reviewed, for you to know the company that has the best offers. Let’s get started.

Sun Life 

Health insurance with Sun Life is a plan that helps prepare for the medical needs not covered by the provincial health plan. Severe health challenges could become more complicated if medical services are huge. However, with a solid and well-prepared insurance plan, one can deal with medical care fees. It gives limitless opportunities to explore healthcare options. Sun Life’s health insurance plans are comprehensive and serve as complementary coverage for the basic free health care plan in Canada. If you consider a plan for your medical needs, Sun Life is a reputable insurance company offering customized health insurance coverage. 

Sun Life offers four types of health insurance products with varying features and coverage: 

  • Personal Health Insurance 
  • Critical Health Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance 


Manulife insurance is also a reputable firm with many coverages. It has a plethora of policies, health insurance coverage, and other sub-policies. Manu offers a 3 in 1 (which can also stand alone) package that allows Canadians to get an extra cover on their public health care plan. Its 3 in 1 plan includes: 

  • Health & Dental Plan
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Insurance Plan 

Sun Life Insurance Products Vs. Manulife Insurance Products

Both insurance policies have similar policies. Although Sun Life has four policies — one more than Manulife, the policy products are comparable.

Sun Life Health Insurance Manulife Health Insurance 
Critical Illness Insurance 
Critical illness insurance covers the cost of life-altering illnesses. The policy will pay you to use the money as you please.   
Critical Illness Insurance
Critical illness insurance will give you the financial support you need when diagnosed with critical health conditions. With the coverage, you can recover without financial worries. 
Disability Insurance
Disability policy will protect your income if you become disabled. You will receive a payout if you can’t work anymore due to your disability 
Disability Insurance
Manulife disability insurance becomes active if you suffer an accident that leaves you disabled and unable to work. 
Personal Health Insurance
Personal health insurance will cover additional medical needs like therapy, personal drugs, and dental care. 
Health and Dental Insurance
You will get health and dental expenses coverage that will cater to yourself and your family. 
Long-term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance provides financial support if you are battling reduced physical and mental abilities. It gives you access to choose the necessary care when needed. 
Canada’s Health Insurance Comparison Manulife vs. Sun Life - Best Insurance Online
Canada’s Health Insurance Comparison: Manulife vs. Sun Life 2

How Sun Life Insurance Works 

Personal health insurance works when you have incurred eligible expenses while taking care of healthcare services not under the provincial health care plan. It pays in the form of reimbursement for the costs you incur. The long-term care plan regularly pays to cover health care costs. Sometimes it may be paid in the form of reimbursement. It becomes active when you need constant mental care or can’t perform activities to support your daily life. Critical illness plan pays for the medical care of any illness specified in the plan. It pays in the form of a lump sum. Then, the disability insurance starts to pay monthly if you can’t work anymore due to disability after an accident or illness. 

How Manulife Insurance Works 

Manulife doesn’t have enough information to give the details of how the plans work and payout method on its website, yet, it offers a comprehensive plan. The plan encompasses disability, critical illness, and life insurance policies. So, if you can’t work due to illness, disability, or death, you will get a payout to replace your income, cover debts, and much more. 

Which is Better? 

Both insurance companies offer good products, as seen in the table. Nonetheless, some other features regarding how the companies provide their services are different. 

Pros of Manulife and Sun Life Health Insurance

  • Both insurance companies provide ample details on different insurance plans, whoever Sun Life offers more information. 
  • Both insurance companies offer multiple plans. But Sun Life offers more plans. At the same time, Manulife allows you to combine both. 


  • Manulife and Sun Life insurance don’t have enough information to allow a user to purchase a plan. Hence you must speak to an advisor to get a quote for the insurance plan. 

In conclusion, both insurance companies offer excellent services. However, Sun Life insurance has a few advantages over Manulife insurance. So, if you are in Canada, you may consider Sun Life since it offers more product details and more plans than Manulife.

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