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Canada’s Life Insurance Comparison: ivari vs. Manulife


Life insurance coverage is common among Canadians. A couple of insurance companies in Canada offer life insurance coverage, among other policies. ManuLife offers many sub-plans of life insurance, which is true for ivari. Both insurers have excellent packages, as examined below.

ivari Insurance

ivari Insurance is a company that provides insurance services to individuals based on their needs. It’s an independent insurance firm in Canada that offers a comprehensive range of insurance products to assist Canadians in obtaining excellent protection for life and property. Founded in the late 1920s, the company has become a reputable insurer in Canada. The life insurance policy at ivari is detailed — with several options for buyers. The two major life insurance policies at ivari have numerous sub-plans that give users endless access to short and lifelong plans to deal with situations of all sorts. The following are the two primary plans:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance

Manulife Insurance

Manulife is a big insurer in Canada with several insurance plans, including Life insurance. A life insurance policy is not under the public health plan provision. As such, you will need to acquire it from private insurers. Manu-Life Life Insurance is a plan that pays when a client dies. It’s a plan between the holder and an insurance company. It pays upon the holder’s death or in the event of a terminal illness. It’s also an ideal way for business owners to protect their company after they die. Manulife insurance helps to also cater to funeral expenses as stipulated by the holder. And this includes every form of provision and support the holder specified in the agreement. The life insurance plans offered by Manulife are:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Insurance

Canada Life Insurance Comparison ivari vs. Manulife - Best Insurance Online
Canada’s Life Insurance Comparison: ivari vs. Manulife 2

Product Comparison

ivari Life Insurance PlansManulife Life Insurance
Term Life Term life insurance is designed to meet the needs of young people and those with temporary needs. Term life also has certain riders added to the plans examined below. The riders are Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Critical Illness Protection, Waiver of Premium, Children Insurance, and extra layer for Term 10, 20, and 30 plans. Term life has the following plans:

Term 10 Term 10 is a temporary policy targeted at aiding people who want to plan for a brief period. Term 10 can help deal with mortgages or debt. Should the policyholder want something more, the term 10 is upgradeable to a universal life plan.

Term 20 Term 20 is a plan similar to term 10 but has a more extended duration. Its duration is 20 years. A holder who feels their financial issues would have been dealt with in 20 years can acquire this plan.

Term 30 Term 30 is similar to terms 10 and 20, albeit with other attachments. It has “Select” options to complement it. It is renewable and gives coverage until the age of 100 or for life. Its attachments are:

Select30 The select30 allows the holder to stop paying premiums or reduce the amount paid during the 30 years plan.

Select Life It’s a flexible plan that allows a holder to stop paying premiums and settle for less coverage till the end of the policy.

Select Value
Select Value enables a holder to access the worth of their policy in cash. You can decide to lower your coverage worth than get the plan’s value in cash.                
Term Life
Term life insurance has a couple of options. It’s a plan that has a duration of about ten years. Under term life, Manulife has the following plans.

The plan is flexible, allowing a holder to tweak it to suit budget and needs. It’s renewable for up to 85 years and can payout up to $100,000 to $1 million. It can payout about 50% of the coverage if a holder has an illness with less than a year to live.

CoverMe Easy Issue
It’s a plan under the term life with coverage worth about $75,000. It’s also renewable for up to 85 years, although it’s a 10-year plan by default. It also pays 50% of the coverage worth if the whole is diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than a year to live.
Universal Life
Universal life allows you to enjoy a tax-free investment growth that is accessible while you’re alive or usable after your death. When you’re alive, a universal life plan can boost your income after retirement or cover costs if you become disabled. When you’re dead, it can cover funeral expenses and help build a future for your loved ones.  A universal plan can serve as an asset for loved ones, a mortgage plan, or retirement earnings. Added to the are living benefits and the Compassionate Assistance Program.  
Permanent Life
Permanent life insurance from Manulife is into two categories.

Manu Par Whole Life
Manu Par Whole Life gives coverage that starts from $100,000. It has no policy charges, allowing a holder to add a term life policy. It has a payment period of 10 to 20 years. It has the: Performax Gold® Whole life insurance.

Performax Gold® Whole life insurance
It’s a plan that ensures the loved ones & business are covered when the policyholder dies. It provides lifetime coverage & investment that grows.

InnoVision® Universal Life
It’s a flexible plan with numerous features. It’s a life plan to build a legacy for loved ones after your death. It can insure specified people in a business, and it has several add-ons that will benefit a buyer regardless of financial capability.

How Manulife Insurance Works

Manulife insurance has several plans that function for small and long duration. The goal is to help buyers choose based on their needs. The CoverMe and CoverMe easy plans are perfect for individuals with short-term needs. And if their situation persists, they can renew the plans for up to 85 years. These plans payout if the holder becomes disabled or is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has less than 12 months to live.

The permanent plans have a broader application that includes both health and business. These plans can provide for the buyer or holder while alive, cover businesses, and provide a means of living for loved ones after the buyer dies. Each person has to specify what the plan will cover.

How ivari Life Insurance Works

ivari has small plans known as term life plans. These plans are about six. Each has a duration. And some have certain add-ons. Term life insurance aims to help an individual pick a plan based on the time frame. Some pick 10-, 20-, or 30-year plan depending on their situation. The long-term plan for Ivari is the universal plan that covers retirement needs, mortgage, and supports loved ones after the buyer’s death.


Both insurance companies have adequate information on the plans offered. The detailed information on their respective websites entails the premium amount, add-on, and conditions that warrant a payout.


Manulife plans are not well categorized. Some plans don’t fall into the term life or permanent life insurance plan. You may need to contact Manulife to understand the categories of their life plan.

In conclusion, both insurance companies have an excellent life plan for Canadians. ivari may seem to be the better option considering the several options it offers.

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