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The Best Travel Insurance for Seniors


Are you ready for an escape from routine life and enjoy your relaxing days at beautiful places? Are you flying to the South for a warm and sunny winter by the beach? It is time to look for the most beautiful sights, the best local restaurants, and peaceful accommodation. But do not forget to add travel insurance to your checklist, especially when you travel abroad. Global Affair Canada reminds us that most Canadian public health insurances are not valid outside of Canada. They do not pay for the medical bills out of Canada, while foreign medical expenses can be costly. Travel insurance will assist you in unexpected situations. More importantly, it makes you feel comfortable as you get covered. 

The best travel insurance for seniors should cover both medical and non-medical emergencies and events. In terms of non-medical, the plan must cover trip cancellation or interruption, loss, delay or damage of luggage and flight or road trip accidents, and 24/7 emergency assistance. Medical coverage should cover pre-existing conditions, medical emergencies, and evacuation. 

You may find that searching for the right travel insurance is time-consuming. It is the reason why we are here to make it easy for you. This article reviews the top 3 insurance companies in Canada and summarizes their benefits for your comparison. 

Manulife CoverMe® travel insurance for Canadians

Manulife is a leading financial service. Its travel insurance products CoverMe® are among the most popular and best ones in the market. There are different insurance plans for different travel types, including Traveling Canadians, Students, Visitors to Canada, and Emergency medical coverage. For Canadian seniorsCoverMe® travel insurance for Canadians is the most suitable plan. 

As named, this product is designed for Canadian Residents. It is the best and most comprehensive product because it adds Covid-19 relating benefits on top of the standard medical and trip benefits. At the same time, the premium is affordable, and all ages are eligible. 

You have the options of single-trip and year-round trips. Disregarding what plans you choose, CoverMe® provides essential travel coverage within and outside Canada besides the featured benefits. Let’s check them out!

[Tip! Do not miss out on this Covid-19 pandemic travel plan during the worldwide public health emergency as not all the plans in the market offer this benefit]

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan. This plan is available for an abroad trip. It covers COVID-19 related emergency medical conditions worldwide, up to CAD 1,000,000 per insured. In terms of non-COVID-19 related medical conditions, it covers up to CAD 5,000,000 per insured. If quarantine is required, the Trip Interruption Insurance benefits with up to CAD 2,100 per insured and up to a maximum of CAD 4,200 per family is applied. Moreover, the Government of Canada Avoids All Travel Advisories up to CAD 500 per insured is included in this plan. 
  • Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan. This plan covers emergency medical expenses for both single-trip or multi-trip coverage. The covering amount goes up to to $10 million to pay for Physician services, Ambulance transportation, Hospitalization, Prescription drugs, and more. 

[Tip! If you travel within Canada, choose Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan – Travel Canada to save 50% compared to the premium for the above standard Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan]

  • TravelEase® for pre-existing conditions: Do not skip this plan if you have a current or pre-existing health issue. Very few travel insurance accepts to cover pre-existing conditions. You will get covered up to $10 million for the expenses of health services such as Hospital and physician services, Emergency paramedical services, Emergency dental treatment, Prescription drugs, Diagnostic tests, and Transportation like Ambulance, Emergency medical return home, and many more. 
  • All-inclusive plan: This will be the best option if you want a simple buying process but receiving comprehensive benefits for your trip. This plan protects your worldwide trip with
    • Up to $10 million in emergency medical benefits 
    • Up to $3,500 for trip cancellation or trip interruption 
    • Up to $1,000 for baggage loss or damage, or up to $500 for baggage delay
    • Up to $100,000 for flight accident and travel accident insurance

CoverMe® travel insurance for travelling Canadians makes it easy for all travellers by offering flexibilities like being available for both single- or multi-trips and inbound- or outbound-travelling, able to apply at any age, 24/7 assistance service around the year on top of its simple process for getting a quote and purchase.

RBC Travel Insurance Deluxe Package 

You probably know that RBC Insurance is the leading insurance in Canada. This article names RBC Travel Insurance as one of the best Travel Insurance for Seniors, not only because of their featured benefits but also the wide variety of choices. RBC Travel Insurance commits to providing More Coverage In More Places™ no matter what your emergency conditions. 

RBC Travel Insurance Deluxe Package offers coverage for travellers who want the most coverage, either for single- or multi-trip. Below are the critical benefits that you should know before you make a decision:

  • Unlimited emergency medical coverage
  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Baggage loss, damage, and delay
  • Flight and travel accidents
  • Option for a single and multi-trip annual plan
  • No health questions
  • Coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions
  • Special price for Family plan
  • Package Upgrade Rider Option
  • 24/7 worldwide assistance

[Tip! Age to apply Single Trip Package is 0-74, and Multi-Trip Package is 0-64]

Summary of Deluxe Package Single Trip Benefits:

Deluxe Package Single Trip BenefitsMaximum Sums Included(*)
Trip Cancellation – Before DepartureUp to the maximum covered amount as indicated on your insurance application/confirmation of coverage
Trip Interruption – After Departure Transportation Economy class transportation
Trip Interruption – After Departure Unused Portion of Pre-paid Travel Arrangements Up to maximum covered amount for Trip Cancellation
Transportation DelayUp to $700
Emergency Travel Medical Coverage1Unlimited
Baggage Loss or Damage$1000
Golf Club Delay or Ski Equipment Delay12 hours or more $400
Baggage Delay12 hours or more $400
Flight AccidentPrincipal Sum: $100,000
Travel AccidentPrincipal Sum: $50,000
Emergency Assistance & ConciergeIncluded

Summary of Deluxe Package Multi-Trip Benefits

Deluxe Package Multi-Trip BenefitsMaximum Sums Included(*)
Trip Cancellation – Before Departure$1,500 per trip to a maximum of $10,000 per year
Trip Interruption – After DepartureTransportationEconomy class transportation
Trip Interruption – After DepartureUnused Portion of Pre-paid TravelArrangements Up to maximum covered amount for Trip Cancellation – Before Departure
Transportation DelayUp to $700
Emergency Travel Medical CoverageUnlimited
Baggage Loss or Damage$1000
Golf Club Delay or Ski Equipment Delay12 hours or more $400
Baggage Delay12 hours or more $400
Flight AccidentPrincipal Sum: $100,000
Travel AccidentPrincipal Sum: $50,000
Emergency Assistance & ConciergeIncluded

Bank of Montreal (BMO) Single Trip Premium Travel Plan

Single Trip Premium Travel Plan is the most comprehensive plan from BMO for a single trip. In addition to essential non-medical benefits, it covers up to $5 million for medical emergencies for both within Canada and abroad trips. This point makes Single Trip Premium Travel Plan the top choice for travellers. 

This plan covers the following main benefits: 

  • Emergency hospital, ambulance, and medical expenses 
  • Private duty nursing up to $5,000, while hospitalized and if medically necessary and prescribed by physicians. 
  • Emergency air transportation or evacuation
  • Other professional services, if medically necessary. 
  • Emergency dental expenses 
  • Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption 
  • Delay of flights, loss of baggage, or illness expenses.

Eligibility: Canadian residents covered by a Canadian government health insurance plan. Completing medical questionnaires and being qualified is required for the age of 60 and above.

The Bottom Line

Travel insurance is a must-have for travellers. It is incredibly suitable for seniors who have pre-existing conditions. Travel insurance for seniors plans in the market differ by type of benefits, amount of coverage, amount of time, age of eligibility, and many more. It is worth spending time to talk with a qualified insurance agent to understand policy terms and conditions before you make your choice. If you need assistance or a quote, contact (name) at (number or email) 


This article only provides general information. Terms and conditions are applied. Policies and plans change anytime without prior notice. Always consult a qualified insurance agent and your policy carefully for any questions or decisions you may have.

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