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Best Life Insurance with No Medical Exam in Canada


Are you looking for hassle-free life insurance in Canada? Simplified life insurance is the answer. Simplified life insurance, also called no medical life insurance, is a type of life insurance that you can purchase just by filling out a standardized questionnaire. Something as important as life insurance should not be endangered by trivial complications.

How Does Your Insurance Depend on Your Blood Test?

Things like high blood pressure, more than normal cholesterol, bodily signs of drug use and high glucose levels are looked for by insurance companies. All these traits lead to an excessive cost of insurance premiums. Any of these traits that are away from the optimum levels are considered an anomaly and are treated as so.

An ideal case of the blood test must have the blood pressure ranging within 130/80, cholesterol of 220 along with the HDL ratio of 4.5 or less, along with no recent history of drug usage. These medical blood tests act as a security gauge for the company, as they measure how much risk they are taking with someone and charge accordingly. Those who, for some reason, cannot take the blood test can rest assured that they have another option available.

Does Canada Have a No Blood Test Life Insurance?

Many who have asked this question consider the blood test policy invasive. The answer is yes. Canada has life insurance that takes no blood test for its purchase. This type of insurance is called simplified issue life insurance.

What Is the Simplified Issue of Life Insurance?

As the name suggests, this type of life insurance does not require a blood test or any medical test. All it needs is a short questionnaire filled with the necessary information. The simplified issue of life insurance is less cost-effective as it involves more risk for the company.

If you are looking for a non-invasive way of getting your life insurance without any long waits and hassle-filled trips to medical centers, this is the option to take. Taking the simplified issue of life insurance means you skip a few steps and make your life easier.

Best Life Insurance with No Medical Exam in Canada - Best Insurance Online
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Which Insurance Can Be Your Best Bet in Canada?

You can use various tools online to fill in different questionnaires that will help you find the best insurance for yourself. These questionnaires use your basic information, and they do not have any medical underpinnings that could be potentially invasive to you. After the form is filled, different options consisting of insurance quotes from various insurance companies in Canada are generated.

This is the best method of finding the most suitable and the most convenient insurance plan for you. Use such software to compare different companies having different monthly and yearly insurance premiums. This gives you the ease of finding out which premiums work the best for you.

After you have decided which premium to take, the next step is the purchasing process. Because once you have decided how much to pay, you need to look for ways of doing it. There are various companies with a straightforward purchasing process while others don’t give that amenity. Our priority is the right guidance of the customers as well as their aid throughout the process of buying insurance; that is why we work on the customer-priority method.

Why Choose This Option Over Others?

  • Simplified life insurance does not require you to have a flawless medical history.
  • This type of insurance does not require you to have an insurance history devoid of any rejections.
  • Those working a high-risk job can also avail themselves of simplified life insurance.
  • Those with needle phobias can easily take this option.
  • Those who prefer privacy and practice a non-invasive lifestyle may opt for this insurance.
  • Simplified life insurance works the best when you are facing a time constraint and need instant results without any hassle of medical exams that are required by other insurances.

Insurance Quotes of Different Companies

The insurance quotes and options varied from insurer to insurer. You can see those quotes for yourself using Insurance Direct Canada’s insurance quotes calculator.

For further reference, you can refer to our reviews on top insurance companies in Canada before heading out to use the online quotes calculator: ivari review, Foresters Financial review, CIBC review, Wawanesa Life review, Sun Life review, etc.

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