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These days, you can easily get access to information about insurance at the click of the button. Yet, it is also harder to navigate through the profusion of information to get the exact information that you want.

At Best Insurance Online, we are committed to solving seven problems that most insurance websites often have:

Here at Best Insurance Online, we work towards specific and detailed content for our readers. You can easily find articles with in-depth insights about different product types.

We know that you want to keep informed of the latest change in the market. At our website, our team tries our best to keep you updated with the latest statistics and information everyday.

Whoever you are, our team always manages to present to you different types of insurance that suit best for your cases.

We always make sure to renew and update the content of our articles.

Best Insurance online has established a partnership with one of the most reputable insurance brokers in Canada to assist those with buying intent.

We understand that sometimes, you may feel bombarded with too much information about deals and promotions. What we want to do with Best Insurance Online is to give you an objective and comprehensive picture of the insurance product that you are interested in.

MISSION & VISION was founded in 1999 in Toronto, Canada and is owned by Insurance Direct Canada. For over 20 years, we have provided Canadians with expert information and comparison tools to help them find the best insurance options.


Our mission at Best Insurance Online is to empower Canadians to make informed insurance decisions. We aim to provide up-to-date comprehensive insurance knowledge and an easy-to-use comparison platform.


Our vision is for every Canadian to have access to expert guidance and tools to confidently select insurance coverage that genuinely meets their needs and budgets.

Our Values

At Best Insurance Online, we strive to exemplify these values daily to help Canadians make the most innovative insurance decisions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We put the customer first in everything we do. Our content and tools are designed to help customers, not sell to them.

Independent & Unbiased

We take our independence and impartiality seriously. You can trust our advice and recommendations are not influenced by insurance companies.


We adhere to strict editorial standards and only recommend options that deliver value and protection. Our readers' interests come first.


We embrace innovation and new technologies to improve our offerings and continuously provide the best customer experience.


Our guidance and tools are designed to be easy to use and understand. Insurance made simple.

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To learn more about our strong commitment to providing accurate, unbiased information in a transparent manner, please see our BIO Editorial Policy.

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